Wawa Data Breach

security fraud class action lawsuit

If you used a payment card (credit or debit) when making a purchase at a Wawa convenience store anytime after March 4, 2019, your name, credit and/or debit information, and possibly other personal information may have been exposed. In November, 2019, the credit card company VISA warned companies like Wawa that gas stations have been… Read more »


Anthem Inc., one of the country’s largest health insurers, reported that its database containing personal information for about 80 million of its customers and employees, was hacked. Anthem said that the breach exposed employees’ and customers’ names, birthdays, addresses, and Social Security numbers. All of Anthem’s business units are affected by the data breach. Anthem… Read more »

Community Health

Consumer fraud, data breach case brought against one of the nation’s leading hospital and medical care providers. Community Health’s conduct – which includes failing to take adequate and reasonable measures to ensure its data systems were protected – has allegedly led to widespread identity theft. The cyber-criminals who hacked Community Health’s data base had access… Read more »


Consumer fraud case alleging the advertising for and packaging of Dreamfields pasta, touting its products as having a low glycemic index and low digestible carbohydrates, was not scientifically supported and was misleading. GSP partner Brian Penny spearheaded litigation which led to Defendants’ changing the product label to remove the allegedly false and misleading information and… Read more »

Detriot MLS

Antitrust lawsuit alleging that certain real estate brokers and the Realcomp MLS conspired to restrain the ability of smaller “innovative” brokers from competing in the Southeastern Michigan real estate market. Defendants agreed to pay damages of $3.25 million. Allan v. Realcomp II, Case No. 10-cv-14046-MAG/RSW (E.D. Mich. 2010).

Air Cargo

This antitrust lawsuit claims that the defendant airlines conspired to fix and raise prices of airfreight shipping services by, among other things, coordinating surcharges (such as fuel and security surcharges) and by agreeing to eliminate or prevent discounting of surcharges. The lawsuit claims that, as a result, purchasers paid more for airfreight shipping services than… Read more »


Consumer fraud, data breach case brought against Target in connection with one of the largest data breaches in history, when hackers stole the personal and financial information of up to 110 million Target customers. Target’s conduct – failing to take adequate and reasonable measures to ensure its data systems were protected, failing to take available… Read more »


Case brought on behalf of professional ice hockey players against the National Hockey League seeking medical monitoring and compensation for the long term harm they suffered as a result of concussions sustained while playing Ice hockey at the NHL level. In re National Hockey League Players’ Concussion Injury Litig., MDL No. 14-2551 (SRN/JSM)(D. Minn. 2014).