BMW Fuel Pump Failure

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GSP Lawsuit on Behalf of BMW M3 Owners Allowed to Proceed

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GSP serves as counsel in a class action lawsuit brought by owners or lessees of 2008 – 2013 model year BMW M3 vehicles. The case was brought on behalf of California residents and alleges that the S65 motors installed in the M3 contain defective rotating assemblies leading to rod and main bearing failure, and eventually,… Read more »

Important Update on BMW E9x M3 Bearing Class Action

Goldman Scarlato & Penny, along with co-counsel, filed a class-action lawsuit in New Jersey federal court on behalf of owners of BMW E9x M3s (MY 2008—2013) containing the S65 motor (the “Class Vehicles”). The lawsuit claims that the BMW S65 motor suffers from a defective rotating assembly that results in excessive bearing wear which can… Read more »