Among the issues being investigated is whether FBI employees have been improperly classified as FLSA-exempt and not fully compensated for their work. Examples would be:

  1. Payment of comp time instead of overtime;
  2. Paying less than time-and-a-half for overtime;
  3. Not paying employees for TDY travel in excess of 50 miles;
  4. Failing to treat travel in excess of 50 miles as TDYs; and
  5. Not compensating employees for time spent working off-duty, such as responding to emails.

FBI employees likely to be affected are those working as a(n) Investigative Specialist (IS), Surveillance Specialist (SS), Staff Operations Specialist (SOS), and/or Intelligence Analysist (IA). Employees falling into other categories also may not have been fully compensated for their time.

FBI employees quietly serve their country each day on the front lines combating terrorism, serious crimes, and political corruption. Our mission is to assure that you are fully compensated in accordance with the FLSA for your efforts.


Some employees have expressed concerns over retaliation. To protect employees and deter employers from taking retaliatory action, the FLSA explicitly prohibits adverse employment actions taken against employees who seek to assert their rights. The FLSA provides for monetary damages for any such action taken by an employer.

Classified Information

We recognize that many FBI employees work in positions that require access to classified information. You do not need to disclose any classified information to pursue your claim.

No Up-Front Fees

Goldman Scarlato & Penny represents employees on a contingent-fee basis and advances all litigation costs. Accordingly, any fees are due only if we are successful in obtaining a recovery. Employees who have worked in any position described above in the past three years are encouraged to complete the form below for a free evaluation of your case.

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We urge you to contact our firm promptly, as FLSA claims have either a two or three-year statute of limitations (depending on your circumstances), which can limit the length of time for which you may be able to recover back pay. Contact us toll free at 888-872-6975 or via email at for a free, no-obligation and confidential evaluation of your legal options, or use the contact form on this page to reach us.


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