The Goldman Scarlato & Penny shareholder rights lawyers are investigating Facebook on behalf of its shareholders, following allegations of data harvesting without Facebook user permission and inquiries by Congress and UK authorities. News of the allegedly improper use of tens of millions of Facebook users’ data was followed by a plunge in Facebook’s stock price that erased over $40 billion in shareholder value.

The Goldman Scarlato & Penny lawyers are investigating whether Facebook has adequately disclosed to its shareholders the extent of the alleged improper data harvesting and Facebook’s complicity in it; the adequacy of its systems and processes to protect users’ data; and the steps it took to safeguard user data and retrieve improperly harvested data.

“Tens of billions of dollars of shareholder value have been wiped out virtually overnight, following the revelations of unauthorized harvesting of Facebook user data,” said Paul Scarlato, a Goldman Scarlato & Penny partner who is overseeing the Facebook matter investigation. “We intend to determine whether Facebook and its directors and officers breached any duties to their shareholders in connection with the alleged improper harvesting of its users’ data, and take legal action against any responsible parties.”

Goldman Scarlato & Penny has issued a press release regarding its investigation and is in touch with Facebook investors.

Facebook Shareholders May Contact the Goldman Scarlato & Penny Lawyers If you are a shareholder of Facebook, you may contact the Goldman Scarlato & Penny lawyers, Paul Scarlato or Mark Goldman to learn more about their investigation, provide any useful information you may have, and/or inquire about your legal options. The consultation is free, no-obligation, and any cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. No recovery, no fees or costs.

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