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    Data Breach & Identity Theft Litigation

    The theft of individuals’ confidential, personal information has become an all too common theme in everyday life. Every day, more and more reports surface of confidential information that was purportedly stored safely and securely being accessed and used by cyber criminals — i.e., data breaches and identity theft — causing consumers serious financial consequences along with frustration and angst.

    Cyber thieves are attacking numerous industries like health care and health insurance providers. They do so because companies in those industries maintain the kind of personal information, including patients’ and subscribers’ social security numbers, which make it easy to steal innocent persons’ identities. Unfortunately, these service providers have not taken the necessary steps required to keep patients’ and subscribers’ private data safe.

    GSP has gained considerable experience prosecuting claims against companies that fail to protect your private data. Lawyers from GSP serve in leadership positions in many of the largest data breach and identity theft cases to date, including class actions against Target, Inc., Community Health Systems, Inc., and Intuit, Inc., whose software, Turbo Tax, was used by cyber criminals to file fraudulent tax returns.  GSP serves as lead counsel in cases pending against United Shore Financial Services, LLC, a Michigan-based financial services company, and Athens Orthopedic Clinic, P.A., a Georgia-based healthcare company. Our lawyers also filed class actions against health insurer Anthem, Inc., which may be the largest data breach case involving the theft of social security numbers to date, Premera Blue Cross, where the private information of over 8 million subscribers was stolen, and Medical Informatics Engineering, Inc., a software company in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

    If your private information has been stolen from a service provider, or if you believe that your identity has been stolen, please contact Mark Goldman or Brian Penny.