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    Vehicle Defect Litigation

    Goldman Scarlato & Penny, P.C. represents owners or lessees of cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats in class action lawsuits involving defective parts or safety defects.  Potential claims could involve:

    • Manufacturers failing to uphold warranties as promised,
    • Parts that fail prematurely, or
    • Design defects causing serious safety issues, or other problems such as catastrophic engine failure.

    A defective component or design defect can result in expensive repairs or other out of pocket costs for consumers, or make vehicles unsafe to drive. Often, when one person is dealing with a vehicle defect, many people are in the same situation. Class action lawsuits allow consumers to join together and bring claims against the manufacturers of the defective product, and often result in significant benefits for consumers, such as free repairs and inspections, reimbursement for repairs already made, extended warranties, and reimbursement for rental costs.

    If you are experiencing a problem with a vehicle and want to speak to one of our lawyers, please contact Paul Scarlato at, or fill out the contact form on this website.