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Goldman Scarlato & Penny is a nationwide plaintiff’s rights and class action law firm. Our lawyers have dedicated their careers to vindicating the rights of investors, small businesses, and individuals victimized by corporate misconduct, deceptive consumer practices, and people who have suffered harm as a result of defective medical devices and drugs. GSP prosecutes securities fraud, antitrust, shareholder derivative, and consumer fraud class actions, as well as mass actions on behalf of those injured by defective drugs and devices throughout the U.S.

Practice Areas

Dangerous drugs and defective medical devices injure

Dangerous Drug/Medical Device Litigation

Dangerous drugs and defective medical devices injure thousands of people every year. Even drugs and devices that are approved by the FDA may have serious side effects that go undetected.

Data Breach

Data Breach/ID Theft Litigation

Representing individuals whose private information or identity has been stolen.

Investment Fraud Litigation

Investment Fraud Litigation

Representing investors who were misled about an investment or have been a victim of a Ponzi scheme.

Vehicle Defect Litigation

Vehicle Defect Litigation

Representing consumers who purchased vehicles with defective parts or safety defects.​

Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust Litigation

Representing businesses and consumers impacted by price fixing conspiracies or other violations of the antitrust laws.​

Consumer Fraud Litigation

Consumer Fraud Litigation

Representing consumers who purchased defective products or who were deceived by misleading consumer practices.

Current Investigations