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Goldman Scarlato & Penny, P.C. Investigating Claims against Mylan Pharmaceuticals Related to its Epipen Sales Practices   

The Mylan Pharmaceuticals Epipen investigation follows weeks of media reports regarding the high price Mylan charges for the Epipen, and questions regarding the EpiPen packaging.

The Mylan EpiPen works by injecting a dose of the drug epinephrine into the user’s thigh to counter potentially dangerous allergic reactions to things like bee stings, shellfish and peanuts. Media reports contend that Mylan has a virtual monopoly on EpiPen sales as Mylan traditionally controls more than 90% of the Epipen market.

As has been widely reported, the price of the Mylan Epipen has rocketed from less than $100 in 2007, to more than $600 today. News reports also note that Mylan has taken other actions that have added significantly to the cost of having potentially lifesaving epinepherin injections for those that need it.  In 2011, Mylan began selling its EpiPen exclusively in packs of two, meaning consumers no longer had the option of purchasing a single Epipen.   Mylan has also recently reduced the expiration period for its EpiPens from two years to one year.  Cutting the expiration date in half essentially requires consumers to purchase EpiPens twice as often as those same consumers had to before the expiration date change.

Raising the Epipen price, selling the Epipen in two-packs, and cutting the expiration period in half each have a profound impact in the cost of providing the life-saving Epipen to those that need it.  Combined, these sales practices make the Epipen cost prohibitive and too expensive for many consumers.

If you purchased a two pack of a Mylan EpiPen and are interested in discussing what legal rights you may have, we would like to speak with you and explain the legal steps a consumer can take. Please contact Brian Penny by email at or by telephone at (484) 342-0700.  You are also invited to visit our website at

In our legal system, every person is innocent until and unless found guilty by a court of law or a tribunal. Whenever we reference “allegations” or charges that are “alleged,” such allegations or charges have not been proven, and are merely accusations, not findings of fault, as of the date of the blog. We do not have, nor do we undertake, a duty to continue to monitor or follow cases about which we report, and/or to publish subsequent updates regarding various developments that may occur in such cases. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research regarding any such cases and any developments that may or may not have occurred in such cases. Also, the brokercheck report linked to some of our blogs is the up-to-date version as of the date of accessing. Visitors may check the most recent version of each brokercheck report at

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